What's New, Pussycat?

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Hello, Fabulous Person,

Welcome to your semi-regular The RetroFab update! There’s so much new, it’s practically a whole new website! I’ve been busy as a busy, buzzy bee behind the scenes here at The RetroFab! If you wonder how things work around these parts, I’m here to demystify the situation. I spend a day or two each week out searching for treasures in thrift shops, flea markets, yard and estate sales. I look for high quality new with a retro vibe or vintage in excellent condition. I am very particular, so a lot of fair to not so fair condition stuff gets tossed back into the vast thrifty sea. Everything that I bring home is carefully inspected, cleaned, repaired if needed, photographed and edited, researched, and posted on the website with detailed descriptions, measurements, and any interesting information I can find about the designer or company.

Above is an array of some of what’s new, but this is not everything, not even close! I’ve got dozens of new items waiting in the wings, and even more that need photographing and editing…and…well…it’s a one woman show. There’s a lot to juggle! Stay tuned for a whole lot of fab fall fash heading your way next week. I’m also making videos sharing fashion and beauty history, shining a uniquely retrofabulous lens on the past. I want to share the videos here, but I have to talk with Squarespace about the blog formatting so I can embed them for your infotainment. You can find and watch them on my IGTV, Facebook, or YouTube Channels for now.

I’m doing my best to bring an array of sizes, colors, styles, and items to the website, but I only have so much room in my little 1920s brick foursquare and I need to sell things to make room for new things. That’s where you come in, my friend! If you like the website, the videos, some or all of the items here, you can buy them! Or if you can’t buy them, you can share them with folks who might dig a slow fashion, conscious consumer approach to retail.

Thank you for your support, your encouragement, your presence. It means the world to me and it’s helping me make a living and do my little bit to make the world just a little bit better.

(PS: Like something from the collage above? You can find the items on The RetroFab (top left to right, descending): Woolrich Blouse, Indonesian Basket Bag, Vintage Instrument Trio Pins, Vintage Silk Dupioni George Simonton Jacket, Vintage 1960s Navy Straw Bag, SOLD OUT-1930s FDR Campaign and Just a Swallow Shot Glasses, Vintage 1960s Navy Straw Hat, Nina Designs Navy Peep Toe Pumps, Vintage Tilso Golden Fantasy Plaque, Vintage 1950s Cannady Creations Hollywood Vest, Vintage 1960s Velvet Popolinos Flats, J Jill Silk Rayon Velvet Jacket, Bejeweled Indian Dress with Scarf, Betsey Johnson Floral Dress with Tags, CC Creations Beaded Shift with Tags, Allison Taylor Stretch Tunic Dress.)


Margot Potter