Stunning Multi-Strand Vintage 1960s Molded Plastic Choker

Stunning Multi-Strand Vintage 1960s Molded Plastic Choker


This necklace is from my personal collection, purchased at a boutique in New England, and treasured for many years. A panoply of autumnal shades cascade across your collar bone in four graduated strands of textured molded plastic beads in shades of vibrant orange, A/B finish whiskey brown, topaz, and verdant emerald green. Necklace has a beaded extension chain for adjustability. A must have for a ‘Lady who Lunches.’

Shortest strand is 14” graduating to 18” for the longest strand

Extension chain adds up to 4” for a total of 18”

There are a wide variety of plastics used in vintage jewelry and separating them by material can be tricky. These beads are thermoplastic acrylic, and are very lightweight unlike Bakelite and Catelin. These beads were heated and poured into molds, and they have seams on the side that indicate this.

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