Vintage 1940s Bakelite and Carved Wood Layered Pin

Vintage 1940s Bakelite and Carved Wood Layered Pin


This pin appears to be an assemblage constructed from two Bakelite buckles layered under a carved wood Scotty dog pin. It is in excellent vintage condition and showing minimal wear, yellow eyeball is intact, paint is intact, finish on Bakelite shows some slight discoloration in small areas. Perfect for a winter coat, kilt, or jaunty scarf.

2” x 2.5” (3/4” thick)

Bakelite or Baekelite was the first plastic made from synthetic ingredients. Developed by Yonker’s chemist Leo Baekeland in 1907, it emerged as a popular jewelry medium in the late 1920s popularized by designers Coco Chanel and Elsa Schiaparelli. Also known as Catelin and Pristal, other brand names, this phenolic plastic is a sturdy material that was used for a wide variety of products beyond jewelry including radios and telephones. During WWII, Bakelite emerged again as a popular, affordable jewelry medium. Vintage Bakelite jewelry is highly collectible and depending on the pieces, can be very expensive.

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