We believe in embracing that which has been rejected, rediscovering the discarded, curating and celebrating things that were made to last, shining the light on those who have taken the road less traveled, elevating and illuminating that which has a past but is deeply relevant to the preservation of a more positive present future.

That’s a fancy way of saying, we reject the mass consumer mindset, the insatiable need for constant external stimulation, planned obsolescence, and the endless pursuit of the shiny and new without regard to what we lose in the process. Rather than sell new things mass produced in factories, we share gently used and like new wearables, trinkets, and treasures discovered on our Urban Archaeology digs. Some new, some old, some beautiful, some bizarre. We share handcrafted items created from the discarded, the re-crafted and re-purposed. And finally, we share the stories of fascinating people who have lived unconventional lives and created new pathways for happiness in the process.

We go back to go forward. Welcome to the RetroFab.

xoxo, Madge