Vintage 1940s Navy Blue Corded Handbag

Vintage 1940s Navy Blue Corded Handbag


This Vintage 1940s Navy Blue Corded Handbag is in excellent vintage condition. Embellished with gimp cording that has been applied in a geometric pattern, it features three pockets and gold hardware. Original purse hanger is included, this allows you to clip purse to a chair to keep it off the floor. Purse shows no rips, tears, stains, or compromising of cording. An absolute classic addition to any trashionista’s wardrobe!

9.5”W x 3”W x 5.5” H

Handles 5.5”H

Center pocket 5”W

Corded handbags were made popular by English manufacturer Cordé. These bags are created using gimp that is hand-stitched to a fabric background in geometric patterns. This bag is unmarked, but bears the look and craftsmanship of a Cordé. The bags were promoted as being exceptionally durable, and the condition of this bag affirms the veracity of this claim. This bag was manufactured by Wisconsin’s Amity Leather Products Company, started in 1913 by Robert H. Rolfs. Believing he could improve the quality of the billfolds being manufactured at the time, Rolfs rented a room above a storefront in West Bend. Using his modest life savings, Rolfs started his business designing, crafting, marketing, and selling fine leather goods. Amity was the world’s largest manufacturer of billfolds by the mid-1930s. Operating under the name AR Accessories Group, Inc. it’s a multi-million dollar business today.

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